NFT3 | The First Unified Virtual Identity Network for Web 3.0

Your NFT3 acts as a unified identity across all Web 3.0 application layers and a pathway toward enabling personal monetization.

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DID-wrapped NFTs to Allow Staked Identity

NFT3s will become a direct monetization path for individuals to associate value on their terms with various aspects of their data journeys through life with different projects, individuals, social networks, companies, and institutions.

NFT-Wrapped DID

Unique fingerprint and identity based on their past activities.


Decentralized, trust-minimized and transparent governance.

Multi-chain Aggregation

NFT3 v2 is planned to be built on Polkadot for interoperability.

On-chain Credit System

Comprehensive evaluation of the information bound to DID.

The first unified identity platform and network to engineer a staked incentivization model to apply to the identity problem, creating the concept of NFT3. It is pseudonymous, autonomous, validated (staked) identity model as per above

The first direct monetization path for individuals in Web 3.0 and provides an infrastructural component for composite-level creations and innovations for Web 3.0 applications (world).

The first technological innovation to conceivably (architecturally) invert current massified internet monetization models that fleece individuals’ informational and identical value

The first platform to utilize DID to create a comprehensive Web3 world passport. It will also create a user's personal credit scoring system for the Web3 world.

ISME is the native token used to stake and therefore ‘activate’ one’s Web 3.0 identity

In order to claim one’s NFT3, a certain amount of ISME tokens will be necessary

A certain percentage of access fees are burned in the form of ISME tokens

NFT3 access fees given to the network by third parties (dapps, credit risk, insurance, advertisers, dexes, etc.) will be paid in ISME

ISME token holders can create and vote for proposals as a DAO.

Dylan Dewdney
Project Lead and Chief Effort Officer

Previously, Dylan served as Chief Effort Officer for Kylin Network, taking it from zero to an infrastructural Polkadot project and validated, decentralized data layer for Web 3.0. He remains as an advisor and Chief Strategy Officer to the Kylin Network as it transitions to a DAO under the leadership of CTO, Sam Elamin. Dylan mixes his skills as an analyst, growth-driver, and independent researcher to identify products and paths to market that can and may escape others. He is a steadfast believer in the significance and power of blockchain to change the world and our lives in a positive way. He leverages his extensive network and experience and successful track record to initiate and build out NFT3.

Shashwat Eternal

Shashwat Eternal is a Writer, Ex-Founder and ex-Head of Growth for OroPocket, the parent company of OpenDeFi as well as UniFarm, for which he was a member of the founding team. He’s grown UniFarm from a POC to a platform with over $20 Million in All Time Value locked over 18 Staking Cohorts. He also oversaw 2 successful token launches, $ORO and $UFARM. He is a keen learner in Blockchain and helped co-market UniFarm alongside 54+ partners from across the space including Ferrum Network, MANTRADAO, Kylin Network, Frontier, Polygon etc.His belief in the technological inevitability of Blockchain and an understanding of the cultural force that crypto has become drew him to solve for identity in Web3.0 at NFT3.

Evin McMullen
Decentralized Identity Tech Chief Advisory

Evin McMullen is a leading researcher and thinker within the intersection of Blockchain and Identity. She currently works with Consensys as Co-Founder and lead of Serto Identity, making it easier for everyone to use decentralized identities (DIDs) and verifiable credentials (VCs). Evin’s work at Serto work builds upon the legacy of decentralized identity research and experimentation within the ConsenSys Mesh, including the UPort, Alpine, Civil and Stow projects. As Identity Chief Advisory at NFT3, Evin informs the strategy of utilizing decentralized identifiers (DID) and leverages her expansive knowledge base to inform worthwhile directions and catalyze innovation within NFT3 Project and Network.

Ben Lakoff
Chief NFT Advisory

Ben has developed a strong global finance experience from nearly a decade of international assignments across 4 continents, and boasts a broad & diverse finance background before joining the blockchain space full-time in 2017. Now, working primarily with early-stage startups, Ben has been an integral part of teams that have raised over $50M in funding.

Draft of Whitepaper
Official Whitepaper Release
Official Website Launch
Testnet Release
Token Issuance and Claiming Period
Tranching for Invites Open
Mainnet operational on Polkadot
Integration of third-parties into NFT3 standards and access fees and remuneration operational
Further tranching and invites open